What These 5 Experts Think You Should be Doing...
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We have searched high and low to find these 5 experts posts.  They are sharing why email marketing and creating your email list are your most valuable commodities as a business owner.  We think you’ll be surprised and delighted about the potential future of your business!


Here are some of the major benefits of e-Newsletters according to business coach site of  Evan Carmichael.

Benefit #1: An e-Newsletter enhances your company’s reputation and increases lead generation.

Benefit #2: An e-Newsletter increases the lifetime value of your clients. To see more benefits of E-newsletters click The Benefits of e-Newsletters for your Small Business Marketing

email list

Take Tiffany's advice and start working on your email list TODAY.  She regrets not taking everyone's advice in creating her own email list.  You don't have to have an established business in order to start your list.  Click on 2 Big Reasons You Need an Email List Now and see why email lists are crucial for your business.


email list2     Whether you’re a small business that promotes products, services or products and services you SHOULD always have a email newsletter.  You don’t want to miss these 5 reasons Why You Need An Email Newsletter and why your creative business should have a monthly newsletter. #5 is my favorite - building trust and loyalty with your clients.



We didn’t say it! This is a refrain coming from one of the Internet’s leading usability experts. So if you’re trying to find ways to engage customers and prospects, look no further, the business newsletter has arrived. I love how they point out why having a business newsletter is so important. Higher brand recall, personalized content and so much more. You have to check out How Important is it to have a Business Newsletter.


email list3

“Aside from your website, it’s the only thing you have control over. In my opinion, social media is absolutely essential to growing a profitable and engaged blog or business. It connects you to your audience, allows you to share relatable pieces of your life, and drives traffic back to your site. But it does have one big flaw: You can’t control it.”  Keep reading Why You Should Start Building an Email List  to find out what you DO have control over.  Big hint: Starts with E and ends in mail.


Post by:  Ashlee Watson


Enjoy our pre-made newsletter contents for only $120.  This includes an entire year of newsletters!



How To Save Hours Of Working And Still Get It All Done!
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How to Save Hours of Working

When I started my photography business, I spent countless nights up till 2 am trying to get everything done. I was trying to learn everything I could about photography, manage the clients that I have, and work like a dog to continually find new clients. It quickly became un-fun. If I wanted to keep working as my own boss, I had to learn to delegate some of my tasks so I could still enjoy my business.   At one point, I was redoing my website and I found a very cool website company where I could design almost everything on the site with a drag and drop system! At first I was so excited because I could build it to look however I wanted it to and I wanted my website to be uber cool. After many hours of trying to learn the software and coming up with a website design, I gave up! I learned that I was no good at designing websites. I thought I was, but no… I wasn’t.   I also learned that building a website, even with simple tools, takes a whole lot of time. And this time was being taken from my number one priority, my family and also my business and talents. No bueno.

Then I met Into The Darkroom.

While I thought it was super cool to design your own site, Into The Darkroom already had super cool website templates predesigned! And unlike myself, they were really good at designing websites!

I purchased a template and uploaded my images into the galleries. It did take a little time to do this, but once it was done, I didn’t have to worry about it later.   I was back spending the time I needed to with my family and with my business and I was a happy camper!

More recently, I needed to update the look and feel of my website again and it was so great to go see that Into The Darkroom had some amazing modern designs again!   I have been thrilled with what they offer!   It didn’t take much to update the site and get myself a more modern and updated look to reset my brand!

This experience was one of many that has taught me the value of delegation!   As small business owners, if you try to do it all, your family and personal time will pay the price. It’s not worth it.

I thought I would share some of the things I’ve picked up on along the way from friends, family and inspiration that have helped me keep calm inside a sometimes crazy storm of entrepreneurship!

Delegating to professionals:

These are some of the obvious that can be game changers for you -

Housekeeper, lawn maintenance, outsource your editing, dry cleaners, accounting, etc.


Here are some not so obvious ways you can delegate tasks in your office and your home - these are very random, but all are very helpful!!

1 - Buy paper plates - I don’t use them everyday, but I always have them available for when I’m in a crunch for time.

2 - Find and intern - call the local colleges. Interns love getting the experience for their resumes, they can blog for you, do your newsletter, manage your money and more.

3 - Learn to speed edit - take the time to learn about presets, actions, batch actions and scripts.

4 - Let your kids and family help - whether it’s packaging prints, placing orders for you, or helping with meals and laundry, they will learn responsibility that will help them in college.

5 - Use Blog Stomp to quickly prep all of your images for a blog post - this is amazing!!


6 - Cook with a crock pot - throw it in before work and it’s ready when your hungry!

7 - Buy precooked meat - There are so many delicious and healthy meats that are now precooked, saving you the time of defrosting, prepping, and cooking. I made this my rule the baby number 6 came along, and it has made a huge difference in our afternoon and evening schedules!

8 - Use Trello - This is an amazing simple app to organize all of your tasks, activities, etc.

9 - Turn off Social Media and the Internet - Delegate specific times that you will hop on and check your SM accounts during the day so that it doesn’t take all your time!

What have you found to help you get it all done? Click on comments and share your tips, I’d love to hear them! How to Save Hours of Working

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