Finding Clients is Easier Than you Think
August 24th, 2016   |   0 comments

521Does this sound like your typical morning?
Wake up.

Do the morning routine. Exercise. Walk the dog. Shower. Get dressed.

Hustle to get your family out the door.
Think about your photo shoot from two Saturdays ago.
Look at all the amazing photos you took.
Wait for the phone to ring.
Check your appointment calendar.
Get discouraged.
Go buy a donut.

It’s discouraging to see an empty appointment book at times.  After you’ve booked your first appointments from those in your immediate circle, you’ll soon need to start looking elsewhere for more. As your photography business grows, you’ll always be on the hunt for fresh clients. If this sounds daunting or scary, take heart. Gaining new clients is completely within your control. The trick to finding new clients is to simply to get out of your comfort zone and find them.

The good news is that we don’t live in a vacuum. New clients are everywhere!  Just step into any business, bank, store, or sports arena, and you’ll see people. Families, couples, children, and children to come are your clients in the making. And because Every.Single.Person today has a camera phone, you can relate to them. Everyone today is some kind of a “photographer,” so it’s okay to talk about what you do. There’s no need to worry about complicated explanations, since most people know the difference between snapshots for Instagram and the long-lasting art that’s meant for their wall. Marketing good photography today is easier than ever.

Now, how do you reach these clients that are everywhere?  What can you do today to build a new client, or 2, or 3 or 4?  Our challenge to you is to OPEN YOUR MOUTH.  If you want to make your photography business flourish, you’re going to be doing some marketing. Don’t let that scare you. This is good news for your business! It’s completely up to you how many jobs you line up, but to get there, you need to promote yourself by talking up your trade. It’s obvious, right?  If you’re hoping for that magical day when all your leads come in by word of mouth, keep in mind that there’s really no secret to the magic - word of mouth has to start from somewhere. It starts in talking to people yourself.

If you’re wondering how this might work for you, imagine a scenario like this:

You stop at the bank, and the teller says, "How's your day going so far?"
You:  "Great, I've just been finishing up some photos for a client.”
Bank teller:  "Oh, are you a photographer?"
You:  "Yes, I am! Do you like photography?"
Bank teller:  "Well, I'm not good at it, but I do love to take pictures."
You:   "Oh, fun, me too!  You know, I offer free photography tips in my monthly newsletter. If you'd like I can send it to you. Let's exchange emails and I'll also give you my website.”
Bank teller:  "I would love that!"


Once you have their contact information, you can start getting in front of them regularly through newsletters that are full of valuable content, specials and offers!  Then, when they are in need of a photographer, you are the first one they think of.  This is how a client is born!  In fact, this is how a strong and sustainable business is built!

Photography itself is an artform. We enjoy a craft that is rich in expression, creativity, and emotion. On the flipside, though, it has the same needs as any other business. Marketing is an essential part of your photography business, but the great news is that it’s simple to do and you can do it just about anywhere. Be in the habit of sharing what you do and why you love it. You can truly turn your business over in no time by being willing to get out there and share about your business and grow your email list!   If you are confident in what you do, your clients will have confidence in you.

Need help with the newsletter content that the bank teller wants? We’ve got you covered. (Link)

What These 5 Experts Think You Should be Doing...
October 14th, 2015   |   0 comments

We have searched high and low to find these 5 experts posts.  They are sharing why email marketing and creating your email list are your most valuable commodities as a business owner.  We think you’ll be surprised and delighted about the potential future of your business!


Here are some of the major benefits of e-Newsletters according to business coach site of  Evan Carmichael.

Benefit #1: An e-Newsletter enhances your company’s reputation and increases lead generation.

Benefit #2: An e-Newsletter increases the lifetime value of your clients. To see more benefits of E-newsletters click The Benefits of e-Newsletters for your Small Business Marketing

email list

Take Tiffany's advice and start working on your email list TODAY.  She regrets not taking everyone's advice in creating her own email list.  You don't have to have an established business in order to start your list.  Click on 2 Big Reasons You Need an Email List Now and see why email lists are crucial for your business.


email list2     Whether you’re a small business that promotes products, services or products and services you SHOULD always have a email newsletter.  You don’t want to miss these 5 reasons Why You Need An Email Newsletter and why your creative business should have a monthly newsletter. #5 is my favorite - building trust and loyalty with your clients.



We didn’t say it! This is a refrain coming from one of the Internet’s leading usability experts. So if you’re trying to find ways to engage customers and prospects, look no further, the business newsletter has arrived. I love how they point out why having a business newsletter is so important. Higher brand recall, personalized content and so much more. You have to check out How Important is it to have a Business Newsletter.


email list3

“Aside from your website, it’s the only thing you have control over. In my opinion, social media is absolutely essential to growing a profitable and engaged blog or business. It connects you to your audience, allows you to share relatable pieces of your life, and drives traffic back to your site. But it does have one big flaw: You can’t control it.”  Keep reading Why You Should Start Building an Email List  to find out what you DO have control over.  Big hint: Starts with E and ends in mail.


Post by:  Ashlee Watson


Enjoy our pre-made newsletter contents for only $120.  This includes an entire year of newsletters!



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