{people skills} Hope Arising and Dera, Ethiopia
March 17th, 2011   |   0 comments

dera map

So, I (Amy F) am only 2 weeks away from my trip to Africa with Hope Arising!  This will be my first time going and I am very excited and a wee bit nervous.  Nervous to leave the kids for that long, nervous about being sick from foods, change of climate, and whatever people get sick from with international travel, and nervous that I may not get all the shots I want or that my equipment might break, or something horrible.

My job is to document through photos and video (using my 5D Mark II) the journey of the volunteers, the projects while we are there, and the lives of the families in need.  I am so looking forward to being able to stretch myself as a photographer and to be able to bring stories back home and somehow connect our two different lives.

Hope Arising is our non profit for this year, and part of every membership on our site is going to help bring water to the people of Dera.  Their community is in severe need of good clean water to support their population.  Most have to walk 7 hours to get water.  Hope Arising is working now to bring a water line into Dera and help the community to be self sufficient.

Here in Arizona, I am also a big part of Hope Arising's marketing program, and get to help there.  One thing that we are wanting to research and implement is the idea that people will buy more products when part of the proceeds goes to a charity, and I hope to do more work with that throughout the year.

You can read some of the stories about Hope Arising on our Give page, or check out their website here.

How has working for charities benefitted you?

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