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Our Members Agree...

So excited.

I just had the best mentoring session. Learned a lot about myself that I didn't know and a lot that I already knew but was afraid to admit. So excited for the outcome of this.

Valuable site.

First of all, thank you for creating such an informational and valuable site. I became a member about a month ago, and it's been keeping me busy!

You guys ROCK!

I would tell any friends considering membership to PBT, to go for it, it's worth the fee paid, and has a ton of worthwhile information.

You guys ROCK!

This site is amazing.

I am still amazed at the new things I can find on the Photo Business Tools site.

The first place I look.

The tax information was especially helpful, and there are great marketing tips and sales ideas, thing I am always looking for.

Everything I need to know.

I feel more confident now that I have PBT to walk me through the steps.

Just what I was looking for.

I did receive the client workflow and I LOVE it! It's just what I was looking for as far as content and design! Thank you so much for checking to make sure I received it! ... Thanks so much for all your amazing work!

Worth it.

Thanks for a simple and beautiful resource. It was worth it to finally have something that works instead of just thinking about having something that works! 🙂

Take studio to the next level.

Thanks again for the phone call! It was really great to hear all of the ideas on what I can do to really help take my studio to the next level (and also nice to hear that I'm doing some stuff well). I am so excited to sit down tonight after bedtime and type my notes from our call out and get started!Thanks again!

Thanks for the motivation.

This blog post was just the gentle nudge I needed today. In 1985 I was pregnant with my oldest son when I started my first business... For the next 17 years I worked from home 75% of the time, picked my clients and only worked as much as I wanted to, I had six kids and led a wonderful life. Yet, it was a struggle. I knew very little about running a business. I wish I had had easily accessible resources back then, like your forum, that are available today. I wanted to say thank you!

Resources are amazing.

Check out my interview on Photo Business Tools website!! This is such a huge honor! I adore Amy and their resources are amazing for photographers! If you haven’t checked them out yet, please do!

So glad I found your site.

Love your page and all your tips. Already learned a couple things too! Thank you so much for checking on me.. 🙂 …I have not started my business yet. I want to learn all that I can first. I am so glad I found your site and I'm learning a lot.

Learned a lot.

Appreciate all you do and have learned a lot from PBT!


Your services are invaluable.

Fabulous Tips.

That is amazing!! Thank you!! Thank you!! I am working on implementing your fabulous tips in marketing my Facebook page. Could not have done it without you guys!! ♥

Love all the information.

I really enjoyed that 🙂 I have just recently become a member and love all of the information I get from you.

I am a fan!

Thank you for your awesome tips on FB tabs! I have changed mine and added new ones! I will continue to work on them but am very excited! Thank you again, I am a fan!

Gets things moving.

Thank you again for the motivation, sometimes it is that extra push/cheer from someone to get things really moving in the right direction 🙂

Drive towards my goals.

I like that PBT has helped me to consider and get into the nitty gritty of how I envision my business. It's pushed me to consider social media, advertising and marketing in different ways.  Being a member has really helped drive me towards my goals, deliver more to my clients, and has made me realize how important the "BUSINESS" end is in my business.

Helped me organize.

PBT has helped me to organize the gazillion thoughts and unanswered questions about marketing, business start up, taxes, etc. It's a site that is full of wonderful, useful information for photographers.